IDAHO STATESMAN: ‘Something bigger than themselves.’ Idaho football team will honor Gold Star family.


IDAHO STATESMAN — “Dustin Ard grew up a half a mile away from Rocky Mountain High School and has family members attending the school. So when Dan McKnight heard the Green Beret died while serving his second tour of duty in Afghanistan on Aug. 29, he knew the Grizzlies had to honor their former neighbor.

…’It hits very close to home, so we wanted to do something that was more than just waving a flag, playing a patriotic song, and then forgetting about it tomorrow,’ said McKnight, the freshman offensive coordinator at Rocky Mountain. …McKnight served in the Marines, the Army, and the Idaho National Guard for 13 years. He has since founded BringOurTroopsHome.US to encourage Congress to withdraw troops from the Middle East, pointing out nearly none of Rocky Mountain’s students were born when the U.S. first went to war in Afghanistan.”

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