For Afghanistan War veterans, 18 years of war is more than enough


POST-REGISTER — “McKnight is lobbying Idaho politicians to bring an end to the war, writing columns on his website and in the Post Register asking Sen. Jim Risch, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to support a withdrawal. McKnight was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 as part of the Idaho National Guard in the Korengal Valley, located in the Kunar Province in eastern Afghanistan. …For McKnight, abandoning the outpost was a turning point in his belief in the war’s mission. Like most Americans he had supported the war, and like most veterans he was proud to serve his country. But 42 Americans had died in the Korengal Valley only for the military to conclude it had been a mistake to send them there in the first place. ‘All the men who bled and died in that valley, it was a waste,’ McKnight said.”

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