Groups rally to convince lawmakers to retreat from foreign fighting


SHERIDAN — A new veteran-led organization is being established — with its first chapters in Wyoming, Idaho and West Virginia — to amplify veterans’ voices and put pressure on Congress to end the war on terrorism after outcries through statistics and personal stories have become more public.

A July poll by the Pew Research Center found that 64% of the 1,284 veterans surveyed feel the war in Iraq was “not worth fighting” considering the costs versus benefits to the U.S.

Fifty-eight percent felt the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting, and 55% felt American involvement in Syria has not been worth it.

A January 2019 poll of 1,031 service members and veterans conducted by the Smithsonian Magazine and Stars and Stripes magazine — the official print media outlet of the Department of Defense — found that 84% agreed with the statement that American conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on too long.

The two conflicts had separate questions but received the same result.

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